Benefits to Implementing Humane Training

  • Increased morale on an individual and agency-wide basis; this will result in a decrease in the burnout rate of officers.
  • Positive impacts that carry over to the officer’s personal life; this will reduce stress and hardship and equate to a more patient and understanding officer on the job, spurring even more beneficial results and therein creating a positive cycle.
  • Increasing the level of cooperation between individuals and suspects and law enforcement; this will result in more cases being solved and a higher satisfaction rate within the public.
  • A reduction in additional charges after contact; this will ease overcrowding issues and allow district attorneys to base plea deals on the level of cooperation of subjects, further promoting cooperation with law enforcement.
  • An increase in applicant pools over time; this will allow agencies to be more selective when hiring new officers, reducing the turnover rate and helping reduce the number of seasoned veterans leaving the profession.
  • A reduction in the number of complaints and the severity of complaints within agencies; this will further reduce liability and allow each agency to support its officers more, create more transparency and trust with the public, and further foster positive relationships.
  • Better funding and initiatives being passed by voters based on improved public relations; this will allow for better ideas, more policing, and a partnership between law enforcement and the community that yields a decrease in the occurrence and magnitude of riots should negative situations arise.


Humane Policing

How perspectives can influence our performance