Darron Spencer

My diverse background allows me to relate to everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status.

​​​I was in the patrol division for only 20 months before a debilitating condition ended my career.  In that time frame, I had over 250 cases that resulted in 40 felony and 74 misdemeanor arrests.  I personally wrote 57 warrantless arrest affidavits, 7 arrest warrants, 2 production of records, and a single search warrant.  I assisted in 4 death investigations and booked in over 150 items of evidence.  My cases were forwarded to the military, FBI, ATF, DEA, the Gang Task Force, ICE, the Drug Task Force, and local agencies.  I was awarded with Deputy of the Year and received the Ribbon of Merit.

A few key cases I worked on included:

  • Coordinating, tracking, and arresting an attempted homicide suspect
  • Investigating a stolen handgun exchange at a high school
  • Investigating and forwarding the first confirmed state-wide case of the flesh-eating opioid drug known as krocodil
  • Investigating and forwarding a case involving a defaced assault rifle and potential gun supplier to members of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang
  • Processing and investigating a theft from a military installation linked to several bases, whereupon the subsequent arrests solved five crimes simultaneously
  • Submitting two separate work-ups to crime analysis for people and vehicles involved with methamphetamines
  • The statistic I’m most proud of is that 90% of the individuals I arrested thanked me.

I had tremendous success gaining cooperation and assistance from career criminals while investigating my cases.

My perspective led to my unique approach to law enforcement that I call Humane Policing.

My goal is to travel around the country and meet with my brothers and sisters to share my perspective and my approach called Humane Policing.

I believe Humane Policing will not only make their duties easier but over time will improve their relationship with the communities they serve and will ultimately improve the public image of law enforcement on a national scale.




Felony Arrests


Misdemeanor Arrests

Available Oct 2, 2017


Humane Policing

How perspectives can influence our performance